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Looking For An Open Source Alternative?

Linux Solutions is dedicated to providing the DFW Area with quality Open Source Alternatives for your home or business needs!  If you're DFW Area based business is ready to overhaul it's IT Infrastructure with robust Open Source Alternatives.....THEN.......Linux Solutions is your MacGuyver!

We provide consulting and architectural services specializing in Turnkey Open Source Alternative software for home or enterprise needs. Open Source Alternatives include Linux multi-site HA cloud infrastructure, domain control, NAS/SAN storage, firewall, VPN, intrusion detection, HA virtualization clusters, and emergency data recovery!

The only packages We provide (NO COMPROMISES) are fully web administered, time tested, and reliable!  Go Ahead!  Make The Change!

If you've been looking for an Open Source Alternative and don't know where to start, then......Linux Solutions is your MacGuyver!