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Your DFW Disaster Recovery Expert!

Uptime is critical to your companies success!  Having the right disaster recovery mechanism in place can help secure your future!

Don't be fooled by all the claims of full offsite recovery services!  Such claims are often short sighted and next to impossible to provision for extremely large data storage archiving!

Large data archiving presents a very real challenge to todays IT professionals.  In a nutshell, companies with rapidly growing large data stores, simply, cannot obtain the bandwidth needed to make offsite archiving possible.

The newest Technology available allows offsite data replication rather than archiving!  Even with this latest high speed technology,  if your data stores are large enough, you may require a special built localized data-bunker!

Thanks to modern file systems such as Unix based ZFS, backup snapshots of your replicated data are available instantly.  Best of all, your instant data snapshots are available at the end-user level requiring no IT intervention at all.

Of course, just because you switch to a modern snapshot capable recovery platform doesn't mean long term storage is lost!  Traditional archiving models such as Grandfather-Father-Son can still be configured to provide years of recoverable data!!!